7 Feb 2009

When I'm Looking the Stars

There is no such things about luck.
There is no such things about love.

I dare you to move.
Be alone is better.
Make your self strong.
Like you'll never fall away.

Like I said.
Forgive me, forget me.
Like today never happened.

When I'm looking the stars
-there is you


tyara said...

omg, what i've done.. :(

Langitka9s said...

Wkwkwkw enak nich puisi gw makan ah! bersama roti! hahahah

eveny said...

splendid stars dance among the night,
when i don't haVe anY maTe who i can dance with..
iF there's onLy an excePt,
i'll be here no matter who will be beside u next..
<:D >